WooCommerce - Live Editor (PRO)


WooCommerce - Live Editor (PRO)

From: 4,90 exkl. MwSt / month with a 20-day free trial

  • Live preview of the text
  • Preview editor
  • Activate special characters
  • Elementor features such as "ShortCodes"
  • Adding fonts
  • Permitted for 1 domain per license
  • Try it 20 day for free
  • 24/7 support

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How many products?

The WooCommerce Live Editor is based on products, i.e. you have to decide how many products you want to display in your shop with this feature. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us - be it by phone or by e-mail.

Woocommerce personalized products

Make sure to check out the DEMO: https://mrcouple.de/geschenk-set-partnerarmband/

Woocommerce offers you many opportunities to sell your products. Depending on the possibility, certain plugins for von Woocommerce personalized products also cost different. For example, there is the Woocommerce Product Customizer. With this you can create the visual appearance of your e-commerce products and adapt accordingly.

The SAHU MEDIA has a Plugin with live preview developed so that customers, for example Engraving products can see well what it might look like. The first benefit, clearly, a better completion rate.

The customization function of the plugin is diverse, so you can use a wide variety of your Visualize products can, but we recommend that you let us do it for you. This is how you can create a custom field or two on your website. This makes it possible, for example, to give the buyer more information about the product.

Woocommerce offers various online product designers, but only a few have the function of Live preview (dynamic text preview) on the product. This plugin is particularly suitable for the jewelry trade, but because we are constantly developing the plugin, there will also be functions with an upload function in the future.

About the Woocommerce text field live preview you can then check whether it fits with the respective product presentations. This also makes it easier for customers to see what the end product might look like.

There was also an extra own font created so that the Symbolswhich are available in the customizer and can be created with almost any engraving machine. Of course it is also possible more fonts to add.

WooCommerce text field live preview

The Woocommerce text field live preview is beneficial for the online shop. This enables you to see in advance what an engraving would look like on the relevant product. For example, there is a function on certain websites in which you can, for example, insert an engraving into a bracelet free of charge to see whether it meets your requirements.



  • BugFixing
  • Performance fix


  • Add Textarea feature
  • Add Better User Interface on PRO Version


  • Add Flatsome theme support
  • Add Language Estonia
  • Add Language France


  • DB fix


  • Add font section to admin settings page for upload and manage fonts
  • Query tasks for admin view tab 'fonts'
  • Add DB-Table for fonts - 'sahu_productoption_fonts'
  • Full integration of color picker in product view
  • Add JS to /includes/function.php for color picker option
  • Edit /includes/shortcode_inc.php to add color picker option


    • Add tab font (current without function!)
    • Add Elementor Guide Video EN & DE
    • Language update in admin & product overview
    • Edit /includes/shortcode_inc.php <- Div bugfix
    • Bugfix - Count function - DatabaseQuery
    • Edit /includes/woocommerce/templates/sinlge-product/product-image.php <- Gallery also belongs without the Elementor
    • Add Compatible Check Storefront Theme
    • Compatible Check Tewenty Twenty-One
    • Compatible Check hello elementor theme
    • Compatible Check Twenty Twenty Theme


  • Initial plugin

Additional information

How Much Products?

3, 5, 8, 10, 15, more than 20


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Phone: (030) 403-672-360
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Email: kontakt@sahu.media
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